Trick question – they’re all great! However, different types of massage provide different experiences and benefits. Find out which one will be the best for you with our easy-to-follow massage guide!

Swedish massage

The ‘classic’ when it comes to massage and the one everyone is mostly familiar with. If you’re trying out massage for the first time, opt for a Swedish and then speak to your therapist to find out if an alternative would be right for you.

Pressure: light to firm (not to be confused with a deep tissue or sports massage)

Best for: easing muscle tension, reducing stress and increasing blood circulation

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils that provide different healing properties which are chosen for your specific needs. Your therapist will be trained in blending oils to provide the optimum benefits for your current emotional state.

Pressure: gentle

Best for: reducing stress and easing anxiety, ideal for psychological benefits as well as physical

Indian head massage

An ancient treatment used for rebalancing the body and clearing the mind, an Indian head massage includes chakra alignment, back, shoulder and neck massage, followed by a head massage and pressure point massage across the face.

Pressure: firm but gentle

Best for: relieving tension around the shoulders and neck, alleviating pressure around the head, reducing headaches and migraines

Hot stone massage

Using heated volcanic basalt stones, this massage is the ultimate relaxation experience that works deep into the muscles. Heated by water, the stones then glide smoothly across your body with the aid of oil. By using the stones, your therapist can alleviate tension as the heat works to soften the muscles.

Pressure: firm

Best for: improving blood circulation, warming and soothing muscles, recharge energy levels

If you’d like to book in for a massage, speak to a therapist on 0118 973 1158 or email to find out the best option for you.