There’s a lot of questions surrounding beauty, so we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions about beauty to help you take care of your skin, hair and nails as much as possible.

Should I squeeze a spot?

Short answer, no. Squeezing a spot can actually cause the bacteria to spread across other areas of your skin, causing further breakouts. Squeezing an inflamed spot can also make your skin bleed and potentially lead to scarring. Your best bet is to leave it alone, but you can use soothing skincare products or products specifically designed to target breakouts. For example, Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout Cleansing Booster or Age Bright Clearing Serum can combat bacteria that leads to breakouts and helps clear skin fast.

How often should I exfoliate?

This depends on the type of exfoliator you’re using. Gentle exfoliators like Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant can be used on a daily basis – however, coarser exfoliators (like those designed for the body) should be used less regularly, such as once a week.

How do I stop my tan from being patchy?

If you’re opting for a spray tan or using at-home tanning products, always exfoliate before application. This removes dead skin cells that build up, particularly on harder skin areas such as knees and elbows. This allows for a smoother application that doesn’t cause patchiness.

Should I tweeze my eyebrows between treatments?

We really like to say no to this question! If you’re having regular monthly brow treatments, this should be all you need. Plucking in between treatments could change the shape of your brows (if you’re overzealous with the plucking). If you’re currently on a regrowth programme, looking to create a fuller look, step away from the tweezers! You’ll see much better results this way. However, if there’s a stray where you definitely know it shouldn’t be, there’s no harm in removing it – just avoid plucking close to the natural brow line.

Does gel nail polish damage your nails?

Again, no. What can damage your nails is not removing them properly. Although it’s super tempting (we’ve all been there) to peel them all off once they’re ready to be removed, we advise not to. Book in to get them removed professionally or purchase an at-home soak-off kit from your therapist. This will prevent any damage to your nails and you can continue to get gel polish applied on a regular basis.

How can I stop a wax from being painful?

It’s no secret that waxing can smart a little. There are a few tips to reducing this though. Exfoliate before your treatment to help encourage older hairs to be removed more easily. Avoid booking your appointment if you’re feeling under the weather, and if you have periods, try to book it 5 days either side of your period as your skin can feel more sensitive during this time.

What gets rid of dark circles / puffy eyes?

Firstly, plenty of sleep and hydration. Drink lots of water and try and get at least 8 hours sleep a night. This will naturally reduce dark circles and puffiness. You can also try cooling eye masks with cucumber extract to reduce puffiness, as well as hydrating eye serums to give more of a glow.

Why should I double cleanse my face?

It’s similar to why you should shampoo your hair twice. The first cleanse removes all of the dirt and debris from the surface of your face, including make-up, sweat and anything you’ve come into contact with that day. The second cleanse allows the product to penetrate your skin more deeply, so your skin feels fresh and clean.

What does vitamin C do?

Vitamin C is a popular ingredient in anti-ageing skincare products. Vitamin C helps to improve collagen and elastin production – two key factors to having youthful skin. Vitamin C helps maintain firm and plump skin, preventing the signs of premature ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

What products should I avoid if I’m using acne cream?

Anything that thins the skin or is particularly strong. Avoid anything that includes Retinol or alcohol. Acne cream or steroid creams can sensitize your skin, meaning its more prone to react to strong skincare products. Use natural, soothing products – particularly ones that protect your natural biome and repair your skin.

How do I reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

For starters, lifestyle factors impact the appearance of ageing dramatically. Alcohol intake, smoking, sun exposure, pollution and stress can all increase premature ageing. Simple, healthy lifestyle changes; recommended water intake and always wearing SPF are just a few ways to combat the signs of skin ageing. There are also multiple routes to take when it comes to anti-ageing beauty products and treatments. Speak to your therapist to have a consultation about what’s best for you.

Can lash lifting and brow lamination cause hairs to fall out?

No. Our lashes and brows have a life cycle, from new hairs to old ones ready to fall out. You will naturally lose lash and brows hairs throughout your life, with new ones already growing underneath to take their place. This is a normal, natural occurrence that isn’t impacted by lash lifting or brow lamination. These treatments enhance your natural hairs to give you a fuller look with longer lashes.

Does a chemical peel hurt?

We can only speak on behalf of salon-based chemical peels such as Dermalogica’s Pro Power Peel. This treatment should not hurt at all. Your skin may feel a warm, tingling sensation during the treatment and for about half an hour post-treatment may appear a little red. However, both of these sensations will stop and with no down time included at all, your skin will appear instantly more radiant. We always patch test clients prior to treatment as a preventative measure in case they have a reaction to the patch test.

What’s the difference between a Swedish and an aromatherapy massage?

A Swedish massage uses a plain oil to relax muscles, ease tension and relieve any superficial aching muscles. Aromatherapy massage does the same job, but with the added bonus of using essential oils that have psychological benefits too. Aromatherapy massage not only relieves muscle tension, but can also ease anxiety, stress and depression to name a few.

How can I make my lashes look longer?

Our lashes come in all different lengths. They tend to be a lot longer when we’re younger, and begin to grow back shorter as we age. There are a few products and treatments out there that can improve the length of lashes. For example, a lash conditioning serum can help your lashes stay strong and healthy. Lash tinting can darken them which gives the appearance of fuller, longer lashes. Or, go one step further with LVL’s Lash Lift to enhance the natural length of your lashes as well as tinting them.

What order should I apply my skincare products in?

Simply put: cleanser, exfoliator, serum, toner, moisturiser, SPF. You could incorporate other products such as eye serums, facial masks or lip scrubs but at its basic level, this should be your go-to skincare regime.

What does Retinol do?

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Retinol reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging the production of collagen. Collagen plumps out the skin making your complexion smoother. As we get older, our collagen production starts to decrease – so products containing Retinol can give your skin the boost it needs to continue producing this important protein.

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B and is an increasingly popular ingredient in skincare products for breakout-prone skin. Niacinamide reduces inflammation, reduces the size of pores and helps regulate our skin’s natural oil production. Inevitably niacinamide can help create a smoother, even skin tone and brighter complexion.