Colour is a powerful tool. We think about seasonal colours: bright, bold and vibrant or cool pastels for summer, rich, earthy tones for autumn. When we choose an outfit, we consider what colours suit us best – what brings out our eyes or washes us out. But what about our nail colour?

It’s a universal truth that when you have your nails done, you can’t stop looking at them! So, choosing the right colour is an important decision when it comes to your manicure. We umm and aah over the rack of polishes; perhaps we should stop and think about how we want to feel when we look at our nails – strong and empowered or calm and grounded?

Take a look at what your next manicure could say about you.


The colour of power. A popular colour to choose from as it pretty much goes with anything. Try a bold red if you’re feeling down and want to feel more assertive.


Orange gives an air of light-hearted assertiveness. This colour attracts material gain when it comes to what you want. There are plenty of hues to choose from whether it’s a bright coral or a rusty tone – orange goes with all seasons.


This sunshine colour makes me think of one thing: happiness. Yellow lifts you up and puts a smile on your face, making you feel like anything is possible. Some would shy away from this unusual choice for nails, but I’ve seen a pastel yellow with a bit of glitter make a client grin with glee.


The colour of abundance and prosperity. We naturally associate green with money. If you’re trying to manifest an increase in cash flow, or you want to feel more business minded, choose green for those financial matters.


Consider the chakras for a moment. Blue is associated with the throat chakra: speaking your truth and communicating clearly. Have an important presentation or public speaking event coming up? Go with blue to express yourself with ease.


Indigo resonates with natural wisdom and intuition. Open your third eye chakra with indigo to help you make tough decisions.

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This colour boosts imagination and unleashes your inner creativity. Violet also helps you to feel in-tune with life and other people around you. As bijou’s favourite colour is purple (if you couldn’t tell already) we have an abundance of options to choose from.


Pink nails may not be everyone’s first choice, but this colour can put you in a calm and loving mood. Pink reflects the need to connect with people, nurture friendships and boost self-esteem.


An unusual choice which many may not even consider, but black can make you feel more powerful in a protective way. If you feel like you need to protect your boundaries, a slick coat of black polish could be the way forward. Crystals such as black tourmaline provide protection from negative energies.


Silver or grey tones can help you feel more positive. This colour choice could give you a mood boost if you’re feeling a little glum. Silver also fits well when winter sets in and you’re in the mood for a little understated festive glam.


When we think of gold we think of wealth, decadence and material abundance. To put you in a ‘rich’ state of mind, go for gold. However, bronze and copper options can work too!


Brown nails? I can see you recoiling at the very thought, but brown is a comforting colour. Providing solidity and stability, those earthy, natural tones can make you feel warm and cosy. Brown comes in many shades. From taupe to chestnut or even beige – you’ll feel a sense of grounding as you reconnect with nature’s colour chart.

At bijou, we know it’s important to feel a hundred percent confident with your colour choice. Which is why we stock a vast range of colours to choose from and we’re happy to help you decide. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

What colour will you opt for on your next visit?


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