Wedding season is upon us, along with summer parties and, of course, holidays! Whether it’s your big day, or someone else’s, check out this essential guide on how to prep for a big event.

One month before

Give your skin some TLC

If you want to look your freshest for an upcoming event, book in a facial and enjoy some me-time. A facial will provide a deeper cleanse and exfoliation than you would normally get at home, and you’ll leave feeling fresh-faced and glowing. These deep treatments can bring impurities to the surface to remove them, so it’s best to have this at least one month prior to the event, to avoid any blemishes appearing on the day!

Put the tweezers down

This is almost a pre-prep step. At least 4 weeks before the event, stop plucking your eyebrows. Just don’t touch them. Trust us, we’ve got your back on this one.

If you’re thinking about waxing in other areas such as legs, underarms and bikini line, stop shaving now too. Your hair needs to have at least 4 week’s growth for waxing to be effective.

Evaluate your lifestyle

You don’t need to go to extremes, but if you’ve been neglecting yourself lately now’s the time to change that. Start drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, wear SPF every day (you should be doing that anyway), eat healthy choices and get regular exercise in there. It all starts with taking care of yourself from the inside after all.

Two weeks before

Release your stress

The happier you are, and the better you feel, the more you glow on the outside. Take time to have a massage to unwind and destress before the big event, especially if you’ve been part of the frantic planning committee ahead of time! Whether you’re the bride-to-be, the birthday girl or a run-of-the-mill guest, what a great excuse to treat yourself!

One week before

Fancy a tan?

If you’re opting for a fake tan, but don’t want to risk the at-home stuff, go for a spray tan at least 2-3 days beforehand. Don’t forget to exfoliate first! Having your tan a few days before the big day will allow it to settle and shower off the excess for the most natural look.

Book in for a brow shape

Remember the pre-prep step? It’s going to pay off now. During the week before the event, get your brows professionally tinted and shaped. They’ll be at their fullest and will look their freshest. Don’t get them done the day before or the morning of in case your skin’s still a little sensitive after the waxing.

Having more waxing than just your brows? Have that appointment pre-booked in for the week before as well. That way your skin is silky smooth and party-ready without the post-wax redness.

Look after those lashes

Whilst you’re taking care of your brows, why not let your lashes have a look in? A lash tint or lash lift will enhance the natural beauty of your lashes, outline your eyes and make-up will be a dream! Make sure it’s not the day before however as you have to keep your lashes dry and mascara-free for at least 24 hours post-treatment.

Pro-tip: Get your brows done 2-3 days before your spray tan – if you’re having one – otherwise the wax might strip off some tan and the tint could change colour!

The day before

Have a mani-pedi

The perfect pamper the day before the big one. You know what you’ll be wearing, so you can match your nails to your outfit. To ensure they won’t smudge, opt for a gel manicure. They won’t damage your nails (as long as you don’t peel them off) and they shouldn’t chip leading up to the actual event. It’ll also give you a chance to breathe and enjoy some chill time before you party the night away!

Get some z’s

A good night’s sleep the night before is crucial to avoid dark circles and puffiness the next morning. Have a relaxing bubble bath, put on a hydrating face mask and sit back and congratulate yourself on all the hard work prepping for the big event!

If you have a wedding, summer work event, birthday bonanza or any other celebration coming up soon, why not book in your pre-party beauty prep with bijou?

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