I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a pretty stressful year. Our bodies retain emotional stress and it manifests in muscle tension, aches, pains and headaches. A natural, therapeutic remedy for this is massage. Massage treatments allow our bodies to unwind, detoxify and release pent up negative energy and it doesn’t stop there: there are a multitude of physiological and psychological benefits from taking an hour out of your week to dedicate to yourself. Here are a few reasons why you should book yourself a massage.

#1 Stress-busting benefits

Touch therapy stimulates the release of endorphins – a chemical that helps to relieve pain, stress and boost happiness. Massage warms the tissues and creates a soothing effect, allowing the mind and muscles to relax and enjoy a sense of wellbeing.

Pressure point massage releases blocked energy channels, stimulating the nervous system and helping to reduce depression and alleviate anxiety. Treatments such as Indian Head massage are also beneficial for tension headaches and eye strain.

Suffering from insomnia? Massage also fosters sound sleep.

#2 Increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow

Our body’s lymphatic system is one giant waste removal process. Increased lymphatic circulation speeds up the body’s natural elimination process, boosts energy levels and waste removal. Massage assists lymph drainage which excretes unwanted toxins from the body, meaning your body can start to do its job properly again.

Massage movements such as tapotement stimulate sensory nerve endings and increase blood circulation throughout the area. This increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the area and speeds up removal of carbon dioxide and improves lymphatic drainage.

This is great for your skin too! Increased blood circulation and lymph flow nourishes and stimulates the skin’s reproduction of healthy cells and muscles fibres. Leaving you with an improved skin tone and a boosted immune function.

#3 Enriches health and wellness

Massage has been known to improve general health and reduce the symptoms of certain ailments such as fibromyalgia and arthritis pain. It can also normalise blood pressure, reduce migraines and aid digestive disorders. Muscles receive an improved supply of oxygenated blood, essential for cell growth. Lymphatic flow aids flexibility and supporting joint muscles by relaxing the connective tissue.

Hot Stone massage (also known as geothermal therapy) can increase your metabolism by using hot and cold stones to stimulate the body’s natural functions. This speeds up cellular metabolism in the area by 10-15% due to the local rise in body temperature of 1-2°C.

Most people would consider massage to be an indulgence, a once in a while pamper to relax and unwind – but it’s not just a luxury. Massage is a natural method of taking care of our bodies and minds. It can even be traced back to Greek and Roman physicians as a beneficial approach to enhancing overall wellness.


For long lasting benefits, we recommend a massage once a month – but you can have as many as you want! So, what are you waiting for?

Call or e-mail the salon today to discuss all the available options bijou has to offer. Relax! We’ve got your back… and your legs, shoulders, arms, hands and feet!