As the weather improves, the flip flops, sandals and peep-toe wedges reappear. But come rain or shine, we should always look after out feet. We can be on them all day or hide them away, they still need some TLC throughout the year. Here’s a few benefits to having a pedicure:

Get the blood circulating

Pedicures include exfoliation and massage. Both of these promote healthy blood flow through our feet, toes and calves and even increases nutrients to your nails! If you’re sedentary in the office or at home for most of the day, you may suffer from poor blood flow – a regular pedicure could help counteract this. It can also help prevent pain, arthritis and varicose veins.

Keep your nails healthy

Clipping, cutting and a cleaning your nails can prevent ingrown toenails. Having a pedicure means this is performed by a professional, avoiding any chance of causing problems. Pedicures also decrease the risk of infection through dirt and hard skin removal. Did you know dry, cracked skin is more susceptible to infection? Time to get the buffer out!

Release that feel-good factor

A key benefit to a pedicure – they make you feel good. There are several wellbeing benefits to pampering your piggies. The treatment is relaxing, allowing you time to yourself to destress and unwind. Touch therapy releases those feel-good hormones and taking care of your feet can help take care of the rest of you. Indulge in some pamper-time and get a boost of confidence too!

Spot any problems early

Your therapist gets up close and personal with your feet during a pedicure – particularly before they begin. They’ll inspect your feet for any infections to avoid cross-contamination, but they’ll also identify any ingrown toenails, corns or bunions. Spotting them early can help prevent discomfort later on and allow you to get them professionally treated sooner rather than later.

The power of exfoliation

Exfoliation is a wonderful thing, especially for feet. It removes hard skin, avoids corns forming, prevents unwanted bacteria, promotes healthy blood circulation and improves scent and skin texture! It feels nice too. What more could you want?

Looking good, feeling fresh!

The entire process of a pedicure aims to make you feel good and leave your feet looking and feeling fresh. From exfoliation and nailcare, to a moisturising massage and polish application – from start to finish your pedicure pampers every part of your feet, leaving you relaxed and proud to show off in your sandals!

Of course, pedicures shouldn’t just be for summer. Looking after your feet throughout the colder months will help prevent dry skin, dull toenails and will provide a sense of wellbeing and warmth on a wet weekend.


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