Do your hands feel dry, cracked and even sore? It’s no surprise really. In the current situation, now more than ever hand hygiene is on everybody’s mind. We’re washing our hands more and using alcohol-based hand sanitisers everywhere we go. Who doesn’t carry a little bottle in their handbag these days? Although crucial to preventing the spread of Covid-19, the use of strong products on can have repercussions for our hands if we don’t take care of them. Here’s a few tips to soothe and replenish your skin.

Hand moisturiser

A gentle moisturiser can be a blessing in a bottle when it comes to dry, cracked skin. Keep a handy travel-sized one in your handbag next to that sanitiser to soothe irritated skin. Let’s not forget that SPF either!

Cuticle oil

The skin around our nails can be incredibly sensitive and can easily dry out and become sore spots. Use a cuticle oil to counteract this. A few drops are all you need every evening to replenish – you can use it on other areas of dry skin too! As the weather warms up, you’ll find your feet need a little TLC as well, so don’t forget to nourish your toes.

Avoid really hot water

Hot showers, baths or just when you’re washing your hands, overexposure to heat can add to the drying out issues you might be facing. Dial down the temperature to avoid dry and itchy skin.

Wear gloves

A standard beauty tip when it comes to hand and nail care. Wear gloves when doing the washing up: harsh chemicals can have a negative effect on our skin, so protect them where possible. Get the gloves out when you’re gardening too (we see you green-fingered people)!

Book a manicure

Now we’re open again, a manicure could be just what your digits need! Both relaxing and soothing, a Deluxe Manicure with heated mittens and nourishing products will help your hands look and feel much better.

H2O for your hands

We’re always saying it – but it’s true! Drinking plenty of water will rehydrate your skin and this goes for your hands too!

Try a CACI Hand Rejuvenation

The latest treatment for CACI has been specifically designed to take care of the hands, combining a Rejuvenating Hand Mask with Electro Glove Technology. Our hands can be one of the first signs of ageing. Not to mention they’re constantly exposed to the elements, often causing the skin to be sun-damaged, dry, cracked and dehydrated. This treatment will leave your hands feeling silky smooth and replenished, improving skin firmness and boosting circulation. Try this 30-minute wonder by itself or combine it with one of our other CACI treatments!

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