The beauty industry isn’t just for women, anyone can have a treatment! At bijou, we provide treatments for everyone, but what are the most popular for men?

Brow shaping

An unruly brow isn’t biased when it comes to gender. Brow shaping is a popular treatment amongst our male clients, particularly when it comes to the bridge area. A quick tidy up is a common request.

Back waxing

As men naturally accumulate more hair on their back which is thicker and coarser, a back wax is another popular hair removal treatment, particularly just before the holiday season kicks off. However, waxing for men isn’t just solely the back. At bijou we offer leg, chest and abdomen waxing too!


Who doesn’t love a massage? We can all suffer from muscle tension or just need some time to ourselves to relax. From a well-deserved back massage to a full body treatment, anyone and everyone enjoys this stress-busting treatment.


Although not all our male clients finish with a polish, manicures and pedicures are a great treatment for all. We’re on our feet all day and we use our hands all the time, nail and cuticle care is important to maintain youthful-looking hands and removing hard skin from feet followed by a foot rub goes a long way.


Again, we all have skin, no matter what gender we identify as. Skincare is just as important for men as it is for women. Taking care of your skin means maintaining a youthful complexion, preventing breakouts and avoiding signs of premature ageing or sensitivity. We recommend everyone should have a skincare regime, however simple. With an easy to follow routine of cleanse, tone moisturise and SPF anyone can have great skin! Our therapists are happy to discuss the right products for all skin types.


This non-surgical facial toning treatment keeps premature ageing at bay with incredible microcurrent technology. The Gentleman’s Facial is specifically designed for men, targeting razor bumps, in-growing hairs and skin impurities. It tightens and firms facial muscles, providing a youthful and well defined chiselled jawline.

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