Those warm summer months are upon us, which only means one thing: digging out those skirts and strappy tops from the back of the wardrobe! Over the course of lockdown you’ve done one of two things: braved it out and let your hair grow until you can run back to the salon, or caved in and grabbed the razor because you just can’t bear it anymore! Well don’t worry, both can be rectified and we’ll have you back on track with your waxing schedule in no time.

All treatments have been adapted to uphold best practice and use of PPE in accordance with government guidelines, to ensure clients are taken care of in a safe, hygienic, and professional manner.

Here’s a few tips on how to make your first waxing out of lockdown less painful:

Grow your hair to be at least 1cm long

Without getting a ruler out, book your wax 3-4 weeks after your last hair removal. Whatever method you use prior to waxing, don’t do anything else until your appointment. The hair needs to be long enough for the wax to cling on to, otherwise they won’t come out.

Pop a paracetamol 30-45 minutes before your appointment

If pain isn’t your game then take a painkiller before your appointment, just make sure you’ve left enough time for it to kick in! It won’t make it pain-free, but it will take the edge off.

Avoid booking 5 days before or after your period

This is mainly for intimate waxing, including bikini line because our skin can become sensitive when it’s that time of the month, so before you book check when you’re due and try to plan around it. Thinking of having intimate waxing? Click here to find out more.

Don’t drink coffee or alcohol before your appointment

Stimulating drinks that include caffeine can send our nerve-endings into a frenzy and therefore make hair removal more painful than usual.

Get a good sleep the night before

Feeling fresh and well-rested will mean you’re relaxed; this will reduce pain. If you’re tired, stressed or run-down it can mean a more painful experience because your body is already on edge. Maybe have a massage before booking your first wax of the season! Click here to find out the benefits of massage.

Book every 4 weeks

Trust me, the first one is the worst one. If you wax regularly (every 4-6weeks) it gets much easier as the hair grows back thinner, fairer and far easier to remove. Therefore, significantly less painful!

Exfoliate and hydrate

After 3 days you can start exfoliating once a week in between appointments. This encourages the hair to come out and avoids in-grown hairs too. Stay moisturised and hydrated and not only will your skin thank you but your future self at your next wax will too.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you’re not bothered about!

Waxing can be messy and although every care will be taken to ensure it’s all removed and aftercare cream is applied to soothe and protect the skin, you may find a rogue bit of wax on the bottom of your foot (I don’t know how, but it happens). Tight clothing can also make you sweat and this could lead to folliculitis if your skin becomes clogged with bacteria.

Don’t work out straight away and avoid steam, sauna and swimming pools for 24 hours

When booking your wax make sure you do your exercise for the day beforehand and save the spa-style bath for night before! Exercise and heat can over-stimulate the skin and cause inflammation and continued redness after a wax. We’d recommend using it as an excuse to go and put your feet up on the sofa with a cup of tea and catch up on Netflix!

If you follow these tips and aftercare advice provided by your therapist, waxing will become your best friend! The more you wax; the less hair grows back. The less hair that grows back – the less you need to wax!