Winter can be a tricky time to keep your skin feeling dewy and refreshed. It’s cold, it’s dry and we don’t get out much (especially in these current circumstances). You may go from your central-heated home to the bitter outside, to your car with the blowers on full blast, to an air-conditioned supermarket and back again. Can you imagine what that’s doing to your skin?

Staying home is required right now, but that doesn’t mean to say our skin has to suffer. Here’s a few tips to keep your skin glowing indoors.

Combat central heating

Air conditioning and central heating can strip our skin of its natural oils and disrupt the pH balance. Invest in a humidifier or just simply stay hydrated and use moisture-rich products.

Dry air = dry skin

The air inside is drier than outside as air is recirculated throughout the house. This can make dry skin conditions like eczema worsen. Open the windows to let fresh air filter through and continue your usual skincare routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise – even if you aren’t going anywhere!

Get your Vitamin D fix

Going outside means getting sunshine (yes even through the clouds) which provides our daily dose of Vitamin D. Being inside more often than usual can cause a drop in this important vitamin. Vitamin D repairs and regrows cells, helps fight free radicals and stops our skin looking dull. If you can, go for a walk as your daily exercise, or simply stand outside in your garden or balcony for 15 – 20 minutes. Don’t forget that all-important SPF though! Besides getting out and about, you can eat foods such as eggs, mushrooms and fish to give yourself a sunshine boost from the inside!


Avoid stress

We’re living in a stressful time, so this one can be tricky. Stress is known to aggravate acne. If we’re stressed, your skin will tell you. Try to unwind when you can to avoid breakouts, and to look after yourself.

Banish blue light

Spending more time on screens? Aren’t we all. If we’re not working from home at a desk we’re watching Netflix on the telly or Zoom-calling our friends and families. Blue light from devices has been linked to the generation of free radicals and causing pigmentation in darker skin tones. Protect your skin by using SPF 30 every day and when you can, switch off and spend time away from the screens.

Haircare counts too

Your hair is affected by staying indoors just as much as your skin. Try air-drying to avoid split ends (the less heat, the healthier your hair). Your scalp needs attention too. Apply a scalp mask or a moisturising leave-in serum after your shower.