At bijou we LOVE Dermalogica products. Not only do we use them in our treatments, but we also use them at home ourselves. We all have different skin types and concerns and therefore all love different products. Here’s an insight into our lovely Andrea’s top three products she swears by.

1. Multi-active Toner

“I love the smell and how fresh and balanced it leaves my skin before applying serums and moisturiser.”

The Multi-active Toner is a light facial toner and refreshes the skin and helps moisture absorption. Spritz across the face after cleansing or a cool hydration boost throughout the day.

2. Multivitamin Thermafoliant

“I can feel it removing all the impurities and it helps with product penetration.”

This product is part of Dermalogica’s AGE smart range, with unique thermal technology that reacts with water to improve skin texture, slough off dead skin cells and invigorate your skin tone.

3. Oligopeptide Ionactive serum

“Now with pregnancy, it helps with hyperpigmentation and improves my skin tone.”

This product is used in treatments only and not available to purchase. However, Dermalogica’s C-12 Pure Bright serum is a great alternative as it helps brighten skin and balance hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone. Ask your therapist to include the Oligopeptide Ionactive serum in your next treatment to give it a try!

Interested in any of these products? Call 0118 973 1158 to chat to one of our therapists. Book in for a free consultation to discuss your skin concerns.