Want to look after your nails and help them grow, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Follow this simple, step by step beginner’s guide to nailcare to learn how to look after your nails the right way!

Step 1: Keeping up with cuticle care

The first step is the cuticle. This is the skin at the base of the nail that protects the nail bed. It can be a sensitive area for some, so make sure to be gentle when pushing your cuticles back. Use an orange stick to carefully push the harder skin down, using circular motions to remove any dead skin. You can trim any excess away, but don’t cut away too close to the skin or you’ll make it bleed and damage the cuticle.

Step 2: How to file the right way

Is there a right way to file, you ask? Yes. Filing back and forth in a vigorous motion like you see in films actually makes your nails brittle and more likely to break. Take your file and glide it across the nail in one direction, slowly shaping them to how you like them. Whether that’s oval, round, squoval or square, don’t be tempted to move the file back and forth – just one direction is all it needs.

Step 3: It’s all about the length

Long nails can feel like the goal, but to avoid splitting, breaking or chipping, it’s best to keep them on the shorter side. Don’t be tempted to cut them down too short or you’ll expose the nail bed, but regular shaping will ensure they don’t end up breaking or catching them on some unexpected object!

Step 4: Avoid buffing too much

Some nail treatments, such as acrylic nails, can involve vigorous buffing. This can thin the nails and cause increased sensitivity. A light buff can smooth the nail and bring out a natural shine, but don’t overdo it.

Step 5: Stay moisturised

Invest in a nail oil to keep your nails and the surrounding skin soft, supple and moisturised. Use a product such as Jessica’s Phenomen Oil – you only need a small amount to dab on each nail and rub in until it’s absorbed. Apply every night before you go to bed (keep it by your bedside to remind you) so you don’t have to deal with oily fingers during the day. This will keep your nails looking healthy and moisturised – plus it makes your manicure last longer too!

Note: if planning on applying polish, make sure your nails are dry – use a nail polish remover to wipe away any natural oils (or applied moisturiser) before you start.

Step 6: Always use a base coat

If you want to finish your at-home nail care routine off with a bit of polish, be sure to use a clear base coat. This will stop the varnish from staining your natural nails by creating a protective layer. Jessica has a range of base coats available, all specifically designed to treat individual nail problems such as brittle, soft, dry or damaged nails.

Step 7: How to apply your polish

Don’t use too much. Start in the middle and work your way out. Apply two coats for the best results and always end with a clear topcoat for extra protection and a glossy finish. If you smudge the sides, use a thin cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover to neaten up once you’ve finished.

Step 8: Don’t forget your hands

Apply hand and nail moisturiser generously and give yourself a nice hand massage. A lovely manicure always looks even lovelier with soft, smooth hands. If you’re applying varnish – moisturise first (but follow the instructions in step 5 carefully) to avoid smudging all that hard work!


Or better still, get someone to do it for you!

Following this simple guide in between nail appointments can keep your nails looking and feeling strong, healthy and fresh. A regular nail appointment every two weeks is also a great way to take care of your hands and nails, plus you can enjoy a pamper with added extras such as heated mittens or gel varnish that lasts even longer!

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