Disclaimer: there will absolutely be a biased opinion in this blog, because bijou really is a wonderful place to work. Here’s 8 reasons why you should send in your CV!

A family friendly atmosphere

From the lovely clientele who walk through the door, to the supportive colleagues around you, the atmosphere at bijou feels like one big family. Although a small team, at bijou you can really build strong relationships with your fellow therapists and at Christmas there’s a staff event to unwind and spend quality time with each other outside of the salon.

Dream boss Debbie!

Quite possibly the best boss you could ask for (not that we’re bias). Debbie is an absolute joy of an employer: supportive, kind and funny, she really cares about your professional development and you as a person.

Continuous professional development

There’s always an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills as a beauty therapist at bijou. From Dermalogica training sessions where you can become a skincare expert, to being a part of trending treatments like HD Brows Sculpt. Bijou are always on top of the next best beauty treatments and care about their staff having up to date training and refresher sessions to be at the top of their game. If you’ve just completed your qualifications, or are coming back into beauty after a break, Debbie provides a supportive atmosphere to ensure you have the confidence to perform treatments.

Flexible working hours

Beauty isn’t always a 9-5 job, which can certainly be a bonus! Whether it’s having the morning at home to get things done, or being able to collect the kids from school, bijou’s hours allow the opportunity to perfect that work / life balance everyone strives for.

Andrea says: “I love working at bijou because of the relaxed environment; here clients can enjoy proper ‘me time’. Also, the lovely location is surrounded by nature, with trees and birdsong. We are an amazing team and Debbie is very friendly, cares about everything and everyone - you get a friend as well as a great boss.”

Product benefits

Bijou pride themselves on only using high quality and cruelty free brands such as Dermalogica and Jessica. The products used at bijou are some of the best brands in the business, providing professional results for clients. As a bijou therapist, you’ll also receive a staff discount and the opportunity for retail commission.

Location, location, location

Bijou is off the high street, nestled in a quiet location surrounded by other like-minded small businesses. Our neighbours all provide holistic services that complement what is offered at bijou and it’s a real gem of a find. Another benefit is free parking right outside!

But don’t be fooled by the peaceful surroundings, days at bijou are busy and there’s a wide variety of treatments to perform, including CACI facials, 3D-Lipo, manicures, pedicures, brows and lashes, facials and waxing.

Lovely clients!

Again, not that we’re bias, but bijou has lovely clients. A treatment can feel like catching up with a friend and providing a service that makes them feel refreshed and rejuvenated. As bijou is slightly off the beaten track, we don’t often get a lot of drop-ins, so you really get to know regular clients over the years.

Really good coffee!

Probably the first thing you’ll learn to do is use the coffee machine - not that that’s a bad thing! Debbie (officially a coffee connoisseur) loves a good frothy coffee and a biscuit, so if you’re a caffeine fiend you’ll feel right at home here.

Esther says: “I love working at bijou because I love chatting to our clients and pampering them with treatments. I also love being part of a fantastic team.”

Interested in working at bijou? Send in your CV to enquiries@bijou-beauty.co.uk or get in touch for an informal conversation with Debbie on 0118 973 1158.