Keeping your nails healthy and strong can be tricky in these colder months, as our skin can easily become dry and our nails feel weak and brittle. Here’s 8 handy tips for managing your manicures at home.

1.    Keep them trimmed

We all want lovely long nails; it’s any manicurists dream too. However, keeping them on the shorter side will prevent them from splitting, chipping or breaking at the sides. You won’t catch them on your clothes either.

2.    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Drink plenty of water to lock in that hydration. If you’re dehydrated, your nails are more likely to become brittle and peel.

3.    Evaluate your diet

Much like our water intake, the food we consume also impacts our nail health. A healthy and varied diet with rich vitamin and mineral intake will ensure strong nails. Leafy greens and pulses that are high in folic acid will also help strengthen your nails (and your health!)

4.    Give your nails a break

Nail polish won’t harm your nails (especially if you use a basecoat) but sometimes giving them a break can help. Constant use of polish can sometimes weaken the nails, particularly if you’re already prone to having brittle or soft nails. Use non-toxic polish and acetone free remover too.

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5.    Moisturise your cuticles

We’re always going on about cuticle oil – but it’s because it’s amazing! Use a cuticle oil such as Jessica’s Phenomen Oil all around your cuticles, the nails and your skin to retain moisture. Don’t forget your toes too! Use before bed so you make the most of it (and avoid oily fingerprints on everything)!

6.    Wear gloves!

Treat your nails as jewels, not tools. Wear gloves when you’re washing up or using cleaning products as the over-exposure to water and harsh chemicals can dry out the nails and strip away the natural oils that protect them.

7.    File them the right way

Filing is a delicate art. Don’t rapidly move the file back and forth. Swipe across the nail tip in one fluid motion, in one direction. Then, bevel (angle the file towards you, down the tip of the nail) to remove any bits from the top.

8.    Use a soft nail file

The Natural Nail Company by Jessica offers a variety of nail files, and the soft one is a great option. Being too vigorous or using a hard nail file can damage and weaken them. You’ll still achieve your desired shape, but with a gentler choice.


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